Who is writing the story of your Life?

Is it you, or who you perceive yourself  to be through the view of others?

I can show you how to live a novel life in which YOU are the only author, turning your
Life & Business into a BEST SELLER!

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Business: (noun) an activity one is engaged in.

Are you engaged in the Business of your Life?

Why do you do what you do? How did you end up at this point in life? Who are you without a title, a position? A purpose? Where did the peace, the passion in life, your business, your world go? If everything went away tomorrow, would you even know you anymore? Would you remember what makes only you happy? Self-Awareness brings a heightened clarity and confidence to all you do in life and business. When one knows all of themselves through radical self-honesty and self-exploration  – the “you” buried under all the layers that “life” has covered you in – decisions in life come from a different place. Self-Awareness taps into the part of the brain that makes executive decisions – moving one from reacting to life and business to responding through higher levels of Emotional Intelligence and Self-Management practices creating a clean crisp path to a place of balance and inner peace – like no other experience.
Remember a time in your life in which you felt at peace with you,  with your world? A more simplistic time – before life, others and you began to define what you must be, must do, and must accomplish to be of value. That peace never left you – you left it. You were influenced by leaders, supporters and those that pulled you down, anchoring you to old thoughts and practices. When we re-define ourselves through self-awareness, we are able to see clearer who the good leaders are, how we can give to and honor those that support our authentic self and how to recognize the anchors. Through confident and sure self-preservation, we peacefully detach from the “anchors” holding us down. Rediscover what you value, what you want, what you don’t want, who you are without any titles, roles and responsibilities that only mean something to another. Truly connect with all of the business of your life with a whole new view – of you. Discover how Peace and Happiness can return to every area of your life. STEP OUT OF THE ORDINARY – AND LIVE A NOVEL LIFE – THE BEST SELLING STORY OF YOU!  

Discover YOU at Your Core

Through The Business of Life courses and coaching, you will discover what drives you, what stops you, what you are being in the world to others. Getting to know all of yourself at the deepest level will rejuvenate the you that is limitless with no titles, no roles to play, no rules to follow and no restrictions that cause resistance. At the core of you is that peaceful balance to all the business areas of your life – all of life is really just the business of relationships – and who you are in them. You are the most important person to have a great relationship with – you have been waiting to feel this great and now is the time to start!
—Donna Willis
Founder & Coach