I bring clarity and guidance to overwhelmed individuals who want to unleash their authentic and highest selves.

My evolutionary tale isn’t unlike
a lot of yours.

It was steeped in fear, uncertainty, and people-pleasing.

Lots of people-pleasing.

In my case, I struggled to please an abusive husband while raising our two children. Looking back, I can tell you I was severely delusional. As a young girl, I was taught the mandatory patriarchal tenants of which strict adherence was required. I was never to make a man mad or cause him any problems. I was taught to never impede, ask questions or create value beyond him. I was to be subservient and submissive and unfortunately, these two things are absolutely contrary to who I am at my core.

The day I came face-to-face with my truth

So, on that warm June day in 1995, the day my divorce was final, I was sure I would be beyond excited.

But instead of jubilation, I felt sadness and a sense of loss. My evolution process had positioned me squarely in front of my delusion and I was forced to finally face it. All the ideals I had been taught about what a family should look like were now shattered. My children and I no longer looked like the happy mom and dad with 2.5 kids, a dog, and a house with a white picket fence picture. We were never that family and I had to face my truth.

With no money in the bank, that following Monday I started over. A new job. A new home for just me and my kids. I began peeling back the layers and unearthing the me that had been buried by other people’s expectations and societal norms. My evolutionary journey led me to that place, and I decided to continue the process and pursue Highest-Self Living.

Here’s what I learned

On that warm day in June, I took a moment to stop and survey what happened.

I wanted to know where I went wrong and what had been holding me back. I asked myself honestly how could I have not possibly seen all the signs.

What I heard from that inner voice, forever changed my life.

I had no standards or boundaries for myself so needless to say I didn’t have any in my relationships. I had no idea who I was, what I wanted, or what I needed. I didn’t know myself. 

I had to discover who I was so I could set my own standards and put up those much-needed boundaries. 

I had adopted so many layers that removing them and living as my highest self was my number one priority. I was determined to discover new experiences, sensations, and love I had been shielded from for so long.

Before I knew anything about the Law of Attraction or manifestation

As I charted a new path for myself and my children, I adopted mantras that I would repeat every morning and every night.

My mantras would begin to undo the six months of constant berating I received from the man I had married. My mantras slowly drowned out his, “no one will ever love your fat ass” and “you’re ugly and stupid” refrains.

I would stand alone in the master bathroom and declare, “Donna, you are the sexiest, most sensual woman in the world and everybody wants you.” 

And people started to respond. No matter if I believed I was sexy or not, even at my most unkempt times, people were drawn to me and flirted with me. Men and women!

I learned I had to be precise with my words. And it would take years before I mastered the “place” within me to let the words that represented my highest good flow.

Are you ready to navigate
your own evolution process?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and tired…

If you’re uncertain of what’s next and scared for the future…

If you’re a people pleaser and are afraid to start over…

If you’re feeling stuck, dissatisfied and unfulfilled…

If you’re ready to move forward and desire Highest-Self Living…