Highest-Self Living!

I bring clarity and guidance to overwhelmed individuals who want to unleash their authentic and highest selves.

What area do you want to evolve first?


Self Discovery

Here’s what you know for sure. You are tired. 

Tired of living up to everyone’s expectations. Tired of making sure everyone else is happy at the expense of your own. You’re tired of all the emotional outbursts, the self-sabotage, and more than anything, you want to make peace with yourself. 

Your true self – underneath all the layers that life, love, and career have piled on – holds the key to your happiness. Discovering the very essence of YOU rewires your brain and creates a new roadmap for your soul and world.

Ready to peel back the layers and discover your authentic self and voice?

Donna approaches coaching with integrity and compassion and has the ability to see into a person and help them think out of their norm. She also has the ability to explain things in a manner that are on a person's terms, to help you break through your personal boundaries and expand their social viewings. I personally, know, I would not be where I am today, mindset wise, without her coaching.
Nadia Miller
Travel Advisor at AffordableTours.com

Career & Business

You don’t know when it happened, but you’ve realized that you’ve lost your passion for a career you once loved.

Or maybe you’re feeling the impact of a business that’s become stagnant and morale is low. Maybe you’re facing work challenges and you’re not sure how to address them.

The solution isn’t just understanding your Emotional Intelligence or Intellectual Quotient. Self-awareness is what leads your business and career expansion.

You’re ready to create, lead, serve and build at your highest personal levels.

I met Donna Wilis during an online meeting and we immediately got curious about each other and our journey. Donna is naturally empathetic and feels what is happening with you, in your life, and in the world. This means she is uniquely able to hone in on what is holding you back and what a better path might be for you. We have connected and collaborated and share a passion for your continued evolution. Reaching out to her has been one of the best decisions I have made in my career and could be the same for anyone open to hearing their truth and learning their potential.
Gail Kraft
Motivational Speaker, Writer, Trainer

Personal Guide

There is a version of YOU that is limitless, capable of anything, full of energy and light, and extremely powerful.

Add to that being, societal norms, religious beliefs, the beliefs of the adults in your formative years, and well, you might not even recognize that limitless, boundless force that is truly and uniquely YOU.

You’re ready to peel back the layers, challenge what you’ve been taught, stop repeating the same patterns, and be reintroduced to the real YOU.

Donna is a professional coach who is approachable and considerate of her clients needs but isn't afraid to explore creative solutions. She celebrates your wins and will grab your hand and pull you toward goals you never thought were achievable. Thanks to her powerful questions and action-based mentoring, I have accomplished more over the past 12 sessions than I have in a whole year! I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of professional coaching. She is so good, in fact, that I have hired her once more as my coach. She is an absolute gem!
Nicole Manuel
Executive Assistant at EY

Working with Donna

Donna uses her gifts as an empath, effective listening skills, and years of coaching experience to help you get to the heart of the matter so you can get to the business of Highest-Self Living.